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Dec 29, 2005



I wonder....
IF you did do to the aforementioned, by withheld URL, and you DID "evaluate" "Her" and...
IF, in your *honest* opinion wrote the "She" was the worest software you had ever seen...
Would you still, after the fact, have a "respected blog" - at least in the eyes of 'those' PR marketters.

Just Wondering :)


David Claflin

I tried Diana and contrary to RobinNZ's remarks, I did get it to recommend Architectural Desktop. However, it wasn't easy. I think it uses the degree of customization as a prime element in its decision-making process.

Robin Capper

I found "Diana" via Lynn Allens Blog (feed actually). After posting that comment I did get her to recommend ADT in the end. I think choosing something like ADT or AutoCAD with extensive customisation tipped the balance.

John StJohn

Regarding: Revit is more expensive than AutoCAD, the only people who would ever pay full price for Revit are first time buyers of Autodesk CAD software that don't know you can always get a better price from a reseller. For those who use AutoCAD, there's the upgrade to Revit Series and for those who use ADT, like me, there's the Revit Up upgrade. I now have $9,000 worth of CAD software (Revit and ADT) on my computer, but I didn't pay anywhere near that for it. Is there extra cost? Sure, but I must go forward or give up and go back to the pencil.

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