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Sep 13, 2005



Nice article

#4 is my favorite gripe. I have yet to find one task requiring CUI where CUI is faster than just using Notepad (or fill_in_your_favorite_editor)

If the main reason behind CUI was version control, why not just modify the MNU/MNS file format, requiring a header with a version number?


And I thought it was me...toolbar visibility and orientation especially bugs me.

John Burrill

Can't Use It!

Tony Tanzillo

"...some commands are missing, such as AcisOut..."

ACISOUT is missing???

Gee.... I wonder why?

Wyatt Earp

The CUI is a POS! I've had many a discussion with the developers in California and their typical response is that "we thought it wasn't important" when it comes to a variety of topics (most of which are covered above).

Against the advise of nearly all the people out there I have resorted to modifying the CUI files in Note Pad. It is tricky and takes a few tries but it works better than the editor.

Merry Christmas

John William D'Souza

The menu items added to the menu bar are lost the next time I restart Autocad

Mark Cannistraci

Do you guys have to support this thing? I'm an I.T. tech in a small engineering firm. I know zippo about CAD and I have to support this thing!!! There is nothing remotely familiar about the interfaces and it's REALLY hard to figure out. Any good support sites I can go to, to find answers to problems like the one's listed above? (good article, btw)


Menu items disappear with monotonous regularity when restarting AutoCad. Not worth the effort.

Matt Stachoni

To see what others think of the CUI, you might want to check out the thread on Autodesk's autocad.customization newsgroup titled "CUI Editor Enhancements" at

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