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Apr 26, 2005


Jimmy Cad

Lame response Ralphy boy:

"Here's what Macintosh users of Vectorworks can expect from the updated operating system:

- Increased speed of object selection.

Oh. That's it?"

You know quite well that this is a system upgrade which is not going to add much to a software application. However, compatibility with a new OS is important for users that may be purchasing new CPU's in the short term.

As far as an OS goes, 10.4 add's quite a bit to the OS and the user experience. Read up and try to get a grip:

Smug, smarmy answers don't boost your rep as an independant thinker and consultant. Oh, but this is a blog, you ccan do that...


Lessee: if I agree with you, I am an independent thinker.

When I write things that you disagree with, I am in danger of losing my "rep" [reputation, I guess] as an independent thinker.

Makes sense .... not!


mmhh. We've got Vectorworks 10. Does that still work in 10.4 Tiger?

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