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Apr 04, 2005


Robin Capper

HI, Disagree with your comment on transparency on dialogs. I have 3 applications that use it and regard it a bonus in all of them. In AutoCAD I have the command window floating over the dwg editor on max transparency. I also use it on selected palettes also - mostly tool palettes rather than project/properties. Another mapping application I have uses them successfully but the first example I saw was MS Flightsim.
In the example you've posted it looks like bad fonts and dialog design is the problem more than transparency.

G Dolan

Agree with Robin Capper- transparency, both in dialogues & more importantly in rendered views is something I've wanted (& requested) since first using the option in Win XP. Much reduced eyestrain for me plus the obvious benefit of not having to memorise obscured details & not constantly shifting dialogues around.

Your other comments are pertinent; Bentley generally keep their cards hidden plus their release sequence seems to be 2-yearly which means their public profile is very poor compared to the other major vendors. I read probably 10 ACAD announcements for 1 MSTN on average. Perhaps they could look at improving their marketing strategy?

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