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Mar 04, 2005


Rod Levin

Z-100 was a computer from Zenith Electronics. It ran both CPM and Z-DOS. Z-DOS was a private lable version of MS-DOS that came out at at the same time or a bit before the IBM PC-DOS version. The Z-100 was cool at the time because it could, with the right monitor, do HiRes graphics at 640x480 and 16 colors. Pretty High tech for the time...

Evan Yares

Before AutoCAD was called AutoCAD, it ran on CP/M on an S-100 bus computer, using a processor board developed and sold by John Walker and Dan Drake's company, Marinchip Systems.

The reason for using this board was that it used the Texas Instruments 9900 processor, which had a hardware adder -- a necessary function for getting any kind of reasonable performance out of microcomputer-based CAD.

Even today, some of the limitations you find in AutoCAD (such as viewres) have roots in decisions made back in the late 1970s to overcome limitations in the hardware and operating systems of the time.

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