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Feb 22, 2005


Dennis Pence

This sounds very "iffy" for lack of a better term. Overvalued stock (what's new), No "high end" mechanical solution - (not even a good midrange), UGS investors want to "cash out" (where did you get this information?) Surfacing and industrial design features that Inventor could use (if they were going to buy UGS - why keep an inferior product like Inventor> Take what is good in Inventor (if anything) and move it into Solid Edge. PLM and high end CAD are a sandbox Autodesk has never played in. If they pony up that kind of cash (and I don't think they will), it will require a massive change in personnel. I would like to know how you base this conclusion on the agreement to cooperate on certain file formats.


The editor responds:

Just as you don't find the arguments by my readers convicing, I find yours non-convincing. So, we're even!

Evan Yares

Interesting speculation, but knowing the top managers at UGS, the sensitivity of UGS's top customers, and Autodesk's history on acquisitions, I'd say that it would be a disaster if it did happen.

Michael Wendenburg

I completely agree with Dennis. Who is not cooperating with UGS on certain file formats - I suppose we are talking about JT? From the UGS investor's point of view the speculation seems unrealistic. They would reasonably expect more than 2,5 billion dollars for their UGS shares, in line with the revenue and profit increase since they bought the company for 2 billion, most of it in cash. I would not bet a dime on the Autodesk share price after the deal because the integration would have a tremendous impact on the business of the two companies. Does nobody remember what happened after the UGS SDRC merger?

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