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Oct 20, 2004


Donovan Cox

I've been using opera for awhile. The only time i switch to IE 6 is if i need to use ASP extensions.

I've tried netscape and i found it to be rather bloated. I haven't looked at Firefox though i have downloaded it.


Firefox has free extensions that allow it to do everything that Opera does (plus a bit more). Added bonus.. it's free.


Here's a PC World review (towards the end of the article) of Opera 7.5 for the Macintosh.

Paul the Piper

SB's comment about extensions is correct, Firefox is a very nice and powerful browser if you're willing to customize it.

I wonder what the perceived problem is with it, no specifics are mentioned.

AvantBrowser is a fairly good free add-on for IE-only users.


Free, shmee...

The $40 that Opera costs is well worth keeping its programmers employed.

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