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Aug 04, 2004


Jim Longley

"(We journalists weary of the Current Important Concept. Terms that churned our stomachs in the past included "object-oriented" and "collaboration." )" Oh! You mean "CIC"!
(Might as well make a buzz-abreviation out of that too :)


Interesting - data on the Product stream initiative. Can you include suppliers in the ECO process? How much is it going to sell for? Will it replicate Agile functionality?

David Friesen

Sometimes not jumping on the bandwagon is a good thing. It's great to see a strategy for small and mid-market manufacturers who for the most part are just overwhelmed with what all of the IT industry says they need. What's that saying about keeping it simple! Way to go Autodesk.

Saad Hameed

I really liked the information provided on Product Stream. I agree with addressing the Small Medium Market. Another important player which has been servicing this segment with an SaaS (On Demand Software As Service)PLM is Arena Solutions. Is there anyway you can compare Arena with product Stream?


Michael Christoffersen

Do you have any comments about the Productstream Professional/Compass aquired a couple of years ago?
Where does this fit into the strategy?

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