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Jul 01, 2004


Jim Longley

Old as you! I guess! I recall the first "most advanced" CAD workstation we had at work - "bleeding edge" as they say. Not only a 386, but a super-duper fast 20 Mhz at that, loaded, mind you with 4 Megs of RAM. Total for this beast was $16,000 CDN in 1987/88. An not only that!, also an Nth Engine card (remember those?) for close to 4-grand. And for use? Running VersaCAD, with dual screens - What a machine. What If I (er... we) had that to spend today on a "PC"? :)

peter quinn

A detail that almost everybody gets wrong is that windows limit is 2 (or 3) gigs per process. Also, it's virtual memory, not real memory. So, with 32 bits, the computer will use all 4 gigs if you've got them but only 2 or 3 per processes. The real advantage of 64 bits is that if I have a gig of real memory, each process can still act like it has the full tb.

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