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Jun 07, 2004


Shaan Hurley


Perhaps just some best practices on Sheet Sets might assist you. Granted they take a little consideration before use, but once implemented our users swear by them. You also have the author perspective rather than the user. During the complete design and development of this feature, customer feedback and validation was critical.



Max Fugier

You are concentrating on using the sheet set manager's resource option to "build" the layout space. Instead, just create the layout like you always have done in any AutoCAD 2000x release.

The simpler and possibly most useful application of sheet sets is to use them as an index of drawings. The "sheet set" keeps the names of the drawing, their locations, and layout "masked" under a more logical name like "A1 Site Plan and Vicinity Map".

This makes it much easier to direct the designer to open the Sheet Set and not navigate to a deeply buried subfolder location and to a cryptic file name. The chance of opening the wrong file or the wrong version of the file decreases dramatically.

More over, you can plot the entire collection of sheets from the sheet set manager (batch plot) and archive the entire job from the sheet set manager (eTransmit for multiple sheets.) This is a very productive addition to AutoCAD.
Max Fugier
Robert McNeel and Associates
Technical Support

Kirk Crawford

The first two paragraphs read so clear to me. Plan, plan, and plan some more. Consider all the possibilities.
But another consideration, how does SheetSets fit into a companies PDMs?
That is what I have to deal with.
Please note; my group can hardly deal with Xref, let alone Layouts.

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