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Jun 09, 2004


Mike Lambert

Electrical design and documentation requirements vary significantly across industries and regions. While not fully understanding the details of the requirements listed or what industry they apply to, we believe we have several products that may satisfy many, if not all, of the requirements outlined. These are:

MicroStation Schematics
This is an extension to MicroStation which allows users to define their own schematic drawing capability, incorporating their own standards, symbology, etc. It will infer intelligence from the created drawings to perform basic data extraction and export for bills of materials, connectivity, etc.

Bentley Instrumentation & Wiring
For controls based electrical needs Instrumentation and Wiring offers users PLC Connection diagram, Wiring diagram, Motor Schematic, and Single Line diagram generation. The Layout Designer also includes a new feature, Layout Assemblies. This allows users to connect the entire control assembly together including Motors and Equipment to MCC buckets and control panels. This can then be saved as an assembly and re-applied allowing the user to visually create wiring rules for specific motor and equipment connection schemes.

EED Power
This is a MicroStation based design solution to create protection & control schematic diagrams including ac, dc, supervisory, and other common types of diagrams for power distribution systems. Electrical panel layout and wiring diagram design capabilities are also included to create panel elevations, graphical wiring diagrams, wiring connection lists, cable schedules, BOMs, panel legends, component schedules, and other common deliverables. Components such as relays and switches are automatically cross referenced in the diagrams, and rule checks ensure design quality and consistency across the project. ANSI/IEEE, IEC, and DIN standards are supported.

For additional information and to analyze the detailed requirements, I'd be happy to put your reader in touch with the appropriate people at Bentley.


I am civil enginear & architecture I want good astimatin & costing software
pl send domo vertion after I will buing that one

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