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May 08, 2004


William "Chip" Webb

d|i|g|i|t|a|l, Compaq and HP had a design tool called Golden Eggs which was VERTEX-based.

Masa Antikainen

Vertex has a daughter company in US www.argos.com

Masa Antikainen

and some facts to make vertex a little better-known:
- KONE Elevators (originally Finnish based company) products are mainly designed with Vertex software.
- Brad Pitt´s new motorcycle has special decorative details designed with Vertex G4 3d software.
- most Finnish houses are designed with Vertex BD software

William fletcher

hi my name is will and i am a vertex BD framer user, its a great programe for architectural design


Can Vertex export files as DXF?

Erkki Laitinen

Hello Don, Vertex can export 2D files as dxf, dwg, iges, pdf and jpg. From 3D they can export sat, step, iges, 3ds, pdf and wrl.

Bob Wheatley

I was the CAD system admin at Armor/KONE elevators from the mid 80s to mid 90s. Vertex ran on X-Windows on UNIX workstations and it ran well.
I'm trying to find the name of the company that made the software. I remember it was pronounced like

Kai Vikstedt

The company name at those days was Lujuustekniikka and today Vertex Systems (https://www.vertex.com/).
I have used their 2D software for nearly 30 years and am still belonging to big fans of it - unfortunately no support since W10 introduction.

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