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Oct 30, 2014


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JD McDonnell

Thanks Man!
It worked! Although, with my m325 logitech mouse, even after a restart I still had to open up set point and click the apply button. It's pretty astounding to think that logitech would remove the double-click function, as a programmer I don't think I would get far without it.

In retrospect, I suspect it was probably some inane command from the high-ups which is why they simply hid it as opposed to removing the functionality.

Once again, thanks for posting this!


Another "Thank you for this!" I gave up on Setpoint for over a year, and tried to make do with a couple of hacks, but they weren't particuarly satisfactory. This is now working beautifully.


Wish I had found this before I used a restore point to put back the old Setpoint. My new M570 Trackball worked with the old Setpoint and I programmed the doubleclick to the scroll wheel which is also a button. I upgraded the Setpoint and the doubleclick went missing! Shame on Logitech for pulling such a move usually pulled by the like of MS.


Thank you soooo much! I can't stand having to actually double-click when that is what the middle button really should be doing!! ;)

Jerry Tighe

My good man.. I found this for my Father who is becoming older at a rate that is far too fast. I try to do everything I can so that he can continue to use his computer as long as possible. Everything is becoming more difficult for him.. and although I do not understand why losing the double click functionality is so bothersome.. I see now that it is. And I am getting better at accepting things without understanding them.

Thank you dearly for helping me to help my Dad!!!

You are to both him and me, a Hero!! ( and it is proper to say him and me, he knows and taught me grammar , and for anyone reading that last part.. pls know that that was intended to honor my him, my Dad.. and nothing more, nothing less )

as I was saying, we are in Your debt... thank you kindly!!

Jerry Tighe { my Dad }
John Tighe ( me )


Many thanks for providing a solution to this annoying problem :)

J-P Lemaitre

Is there a specific way to apply that fix in Windows 10 (x64) Pro? How to find the said folder?

Vicki Frei

Thank you so much for this! I wasn't aware of the change, and when I searched the logitech forum I didn't find the relevant information. I posted over there about not being able to set double-click, but got no replies (probably for obvious reasons....)

Mark Nixon

I have two Logitech Performance MX mice, both of which were giving trouble: The left-clicks were random - working sometimes and not others. Neither of them would double-click.

So I bought a new mouse, M705, and found to my surprise that it wouldn't double-click either! So I searched and found this webpage and did the modification on Setpoint\user.xml. But after rebooting, none of the three mice will double-click. Maybe I got something wrong.

In user.xml, there are:-

1. Button Number="1" Name="1"..."LeftClick"..."PrimaryButton"
2. Button Number="2" Name="2"..."RightClick"..."SecondaryButton"
3. Button Number="3" Name="3"..."MiddleMouseButton"..."MiddleButton"
4. Button Number="5" Name="4"..."BrowserForward"..."FORWARD"
5. Button Number="4" Name="5"..."BACK"

Because the posting showed '' as the section to modify, that is what I did. I substituted in the places where it was highlighted in yellow. So that the section now was:-

Button Number="3" Name="3"
Param IconLoc="" Type=""/
Trigger Class="ButtonPress"
Param Button="3" EventType="16777216" FirstRepeatDelay="0" RepeatDelay="0" Silent="0" Type="0"/
TriggerState Name="ButtonDownUp" HandlerSet="DoubleClick"
Handler Class="MouseButton"
Param ButtonName="DoubleClick"/

Is this incorrect? If so what should it be?

NOTE: I have deleted the forward and backward arrows as the lines containing them would not show in the Preview.

Thanks for any help!


How to make works with Logitech G502?


Hi, thank a million!!
it's work well also with logitech T400.
thanks again.

I'm wondering if this trick also work with Logitech T620 and T630.
plan to upgrade to these mouse.


I tried to do it, but it doesn't work.
In my user.xml it's slightly different, it looks like:

And for my simple M185 mouse the trick doesn't work unfortunately.


It will not let me change any of the values.........can highlight but not delete or change : (((((


I don't have setpoint installed on my G502 !

I do have logitech gaming software installed, bud there i can't find any user.xml file ?

Is there an other workaround for the gaming software?

Ralph Grabowski

Logitech's line of gaming hardware (mouse, keyboard, etc) has quite different utility software from its regular line. More features for gamers, fewer for those of us used to what SetPoint offers.

Jack A.

Thank you so much for this. The ability to bind double-click to the middle button / scroll wheel click is what has made me buy Logitech mice over any other brand. Shame on them for removing it!


Thanks! Works with K270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse!

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