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Jul 14, 2014


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I hate the be the bearer of bad news... SketchUp (at least as long as Google had control of it) has never been free for commercial use. You had to buy the Pro version to produce commercial work. The disclaimer might have been slightly buried in a larger terms agreement, but it was there and IT departments in large firms have been struggling with designers breaking the terms frequently.

Pro means what it means. Which is why several years ago they disabled some of the export features in the non-Pro version. All that has happened is a name change, and he Pro version is a little more expensive, although still reasonably in the reach of anyone who wants to call themselves a 'Pro'.


In response to the comment above, yes you always needed a Pro version for commercial use, but you were able to use the "free" version when the pro license was unavailable. This was the case up through the early builds of SketchUp 8, and then the software was modified to no longer allow this fallback to the free version. It essentially meant that a company would need to buy a copy of Pro for anyone that wanted to use it simultaneously. And since the networked licenses are sold in a minimum batch of 10, a small company really had to buy individual licenses for all their users if they had 9 or fewer that ever needed to use the software.

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