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Mar 30, 2014


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This solution worked for me.

Unfortunately I discovered this same solution by trial and error and many frustrating hours.

I had a Logitech MX Master mouse with unifying receiver mated to a desktop USB port.
Suddenly out of the blue.. the mouse was not tracking properly anymore.. then it failed to track at all.
Windows 10 reported no problems with the device in Device Manager.

I plugged the Unifying receiver into a different computer and got the same erratic behavior in just a few minutes time.
I had switched ports on both computers, avoided USB 3.0 ports, made sure no other USB devices were plugged in, yet the problem persisted. Even with a different Logitech mouse, confirming it was the receiver and not the mouse.

Upon disconnecting other USB devices I decided to use the USB extender for my WIFI Dongle with the Logitech Unifying receiver. The mouse started working properly again. I tried it with the MX Master mouse and that also worked fine so long as the receiver was not plugged directly into the USB port.

I admit that having to use a USB extender cord defeats the clean look of a hidden nano device, but if a simple cord breaths new life into $100 mouse that is only 3 months old, then I can live with the slight inconvenience.

Ralph Grabowski

I wonder if laptops have more shielding than desktops, and so the nano-receiver works well with laptops, fooling us into thinking that it should work just as well as desktop computers.


Thanks ... so much
It worked for me with an MX logitec that was making me waste my time keeping the cursor going where I wanted....


Unfortunately that didn't work out for me. A simple trick by disabling trackpad while mouse is connected actually works. Thanks to Andreas who wrote in this article: http://www.anysoftwaretools.com/fix-mac-cursor-trackpad-problem/

By the way, I'm on a Mac.


This worked for me. The mouse had problems whether using the front or rear USB port on the tower. As soon as I moved it to a USB extender cable, the problem was solved.


It worked! Thanks!!

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