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Jan 06, 2014


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Michael Wilkinson

I am keen to know how this project is going. I feel that these types of computers are the future of desktops - tiny but relatively powerful.
I have read an article by Intel at http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/nuci3hometheatersolutionguide_v02.pdf telling how to load Mint with XBMC onto an Intel NUC to use as a Home Theatre PC.
My interest is more in the direction of using a NUC as a desktop replacement, running Mint and using Bricscad Linux version as a replacement for Windows.

Ralph Grabowski

I solved the problem of the video tearing by installing a different version of Linux, but I disliked it so much I went back to Mint.

I need to try XBMC to see if it solves the problem. I use VLC to playback movies.

I am having a second problem of Mint not recognizing the wireless keyboard. I have since read that moving the receiver away from the USB port could help (through a USB extension cord), but have not yet had a chance to test it.

Sometimes this BRIX seems to stall for brief moments, which really surprises me. I wonder if this has to do with having just one memory module installed. When I get a chance, I'll put in a second one, and that might fix the problem.

I attached an external DVD player to the BRIX, and so this combo now effectively replaces my Sony DVD player. Although, as a friend scoffed, at what price. Yah, well, the Sony was really annoying.

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