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Aug 11, 2013


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Bill Fane

...and I wonder how many of the people who are complaining about the NSA are the same ones who post every trivial detail of their lives to the various social media pages...and then when something like the Boston Marathon attack occurs they loudly demand to know why the government didn't know about it in advance. Oh, now I remember; government is only supposed to monitor the bad guys, not the good guys.

Personally, when it comes to my privacy, I fear Google more than I fear government.


Hi Ralph,

German magazine "Der Spiegel" says (excerpts, self-translated):

Jeff Jarvis says in the "Guardian" that the communications part is just 2.9 percent of the US internet traffic, the rest is videos etc. This means NSA "touches" about half of all communications processes.

Ralph Grabowski

I hadn't realized that communications is now down to just 2.9%. Amazing. Then I looked at the data usage reported by my Android for one month:

Email, Twitter: 0.34GB
Other: 1.82GB

So on my Android phone, communications is 16%. The biggest data gobbler is my RSS feed (.89GB); I tend not to download movies on the phone.

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