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Jul 19, 2013


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Jon Banquer

For years I've been very vocal about HSMWorks serious development problems and how incomplete a CAM solution HSMWorks is. Now that the focus of HSMWorks development has moved to porting to Autodesk products such as Inventor you can rest assured that machine and part simulation aren't at the forefront of getting the long over due proper development. HSMWorks is not a product I would stick with or recommend to anyone:

This was posted to the HSMWorks User Forum recently:

"Dear Community,

meanwhile i am really angry about the missing simulation for Machines with no intersection. At the Homepage is written that the simulation will work within 2011. Now we have mid of 2013 and it´s still not working.

In my case i have payed 500.000 Euro for a brand new Hermle C50 which is built to mill 5-Axis simultaneous.

But what shall i do now? The simulation is not working altough the boxes for the configuration are implemented.

Now i cant run my machine simultaneous. I don´t want to risk a crash with a brand new machine and loosing time and money every day.

From my point of view its not that difficult to implement the non intersection axis, the boxes for entering the difference is already there. What´s the Problem? Are there not enough customers with modern 5-axis machines? Is the US-Market with 95% 3-axis machines more interesting?

The worst thing in the discussion is that there is no clear answer from HSM how the solution shall look like.

During my last talk to my reseller and the german head of HSM the message was: Wait until the 2014 Version.

But honestly i paid a lot for the software including the simulation, not without!!!!!

Right now i am thinking about to give this issue to my advocate. Here we have a clear case of promised, bought and not implemented. I don´t want excuses, i want solutions.
I understand that it´s a new innovative software and some things need a little time, but thats just bullshit!

HSM-Works: Start acting immediatley, otherwise i´ll act. Tell me until when the simulation is working how you promised.

And: I wrote an email to HSM and nobody felt responsible to answer me. You want to become the world leader, right? Then do so.

If anybody is interested in joining the indictment with the advocate, contact me. We are the customers and we are paying for these guys with our maintenance-charges. They should do what we need to earn the money to pay them."

I've now been contacted by several Autodesk/HSMWorks users who say that they are being pressured to discuss their long standing problems with HSMWorks in private rather than on the Autodesk/HSMWorks public forum. This kind of cover up is in my experience typical of how CADCAM companies who have something to hide behave.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

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