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Nov 23, 2011


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Jon Banquer

Big problem for ZW3D is still the same problem it's always been: their user interface is horrible. No one who has used a modern user interface in say TopSolid CADCAM 7, SolidWorks, Inventor, IronCAD, SpaceClaim, etc. is going to be happy with the lousy user interface that ZW3D has.

Jon Banquer

Dave Ault

Having been a VX user from V9 until ZW3d 2010 I have been interested in the program even though I have let it lapse almost a year and a half ago. Their best offering was VX V14.50 and it has been downhill since. The direct editing they brought out is terrible and still cam problems, bad sheet metal capabilities and after all these years no cam for lathe. Loaded up the 2011 trial and after a few days took it off in disgust.

Looked at the list of improvements/bug fixes for their new ZW 2011 SP2 and it, if this was a complete list, was way to short.

As far as I can see being bought out by the Chinese has not produced any meaningfull improvements and so they remain a small niche plastic mold player with a cam program that takes to long to set up and is buggy to boot. I hear that 2012 is supposed to fix a lot of this stuff but since some of these problems have been here for six years that I personally know of don't expect to see me hold my breath waiting for the big magic to happen.

Jon Banquer

I wish I could have all the time I spent with Varimetrix VX 10 (now ZW3D)back. I would have been much better served with investing my time into a fully integrated CADCAM system like Missler Software's older program TopSolid V6.

It makes a huge difference when one company creates both the CAD and the CAM. Very few people understand why this is the case so I've devoted a page to explaining what the problems are when you have one company creating the CAD and another creating the CAM. ZW3D should have an advantage in this area but because of their very poor user interface development and because they don't do a good job of listening to machinists / CADCAM programmers, like Missler Software does, ZW3D fails.


Jon Banquer


Having been using VX a couple of years, after I upgrade to ZW3D 2011, I got a chance to see the new interface in ZW3D 2012, it is coming soon, and the Ribbons interface is really nice. I hope the information is helpful for who are waiting for the modern working interface.

Jon Banquer


Yes, it's helpful. Thank you for posting this! Unfortunately ZW3D needs more than just a Ribbon user interface to fix the user interface problems. Another big problem is all the annoying dialog boxes that block the model. SolidWorks got rid of most of its dialog boxes years ago.


The dialog box helps sometimes, but I hated the unexpected dialog box in the wrong position. Luckily, I saw the enhancement during the Euro Mold (Germany) a few days ago. The sketch enhancement is much more easier, the Ribbon interface is much more beautiful than I expected. I'm looking forward those nice stuff in the beta release before the end of December.

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