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Mar 02, 2011


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Patrick EMIN

I agree with you, the best restore software is... no software. I probably like others had a painful experience with this restore thing... wich *should* work. We don't need something that might work, we need something that works. Period.

MJ Smyth

I use Dropbox for backing up my cad work. After the initial setup, it just works simply and quietly in the background.

Should the need arise, I can use the "View Previous Versions" option to restore an earlier copy of a file. I can also view deleted files.

Due to various offers and schemes run by Dropbox, I have over 5GB of space on my free account.

Obviously Dropbox is not for everyone, but for me, it works simply.


I also long ago gave up on back up software. I think that was about the same time my last tape drive died.

I use a program called Allway Sync that works similar to the one you mentioned. It compares my back up drive files to my current files and only copies, changes or deletes the ones that have been modified on my main drive.

Since drive space is cheap, I do not segregate my data. I just let Allway Sync keep all of my data up to date every night automatically. I keep all of my data one a drive separate from the operating system.

This configuration has already paid off. My main data drive failed about a year ago. All I needed to to do was move the back up drive into the server and I was up and running again with no loss of data.

Kevin E.

And what if I broke into your house and stole your coputers and external hard drives?

You have to keep a backup of your important stuff in the cloud along with a local external backup.

Ralph Grabowski

As I noted in the posting, I regularly copy the most crucial files to my ftp site.

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