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Nov 16, 2010


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Rick Damiani

Bit late on the comments...

The entertainment industry is having a melt-down because the marginal cost for pirates to produce a copy of their IP is much less than the cost of a 'genuine' copy of that IP, and it takes no specialized knowledge to produce that copy.

The marginal cost to produce a physical object on an RP system is much higher than the cost of a 'genuine' object, and it takes specialized knowledge to produce that copy.

Before RP could become a real threat, the RP industry would have to invent a 3D scanner that actually works, a 3D printer that costs only a few hundred dollars, and printing material that cost only a pennies a cubic inch. The last two might happen someday. The first one, though, I believe won't be possible until the C.S. types invent A.I.

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