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Feb 17, 2004


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Shaan Hurley

This is a requirement as you said of Microsoft Windows compliance which is a real requirement of some. How about just setting the paths in AutoCAD Tools>Options and making sure you support files are located in that location as that is much easier and just like past releases.



Yes, I found out about this after I upgraded from Arch. DT 2002 to 2004 and could not find the acad.mnu file in the Support folder. Even the Tech Support folks from my vendor were unaware of these changes until they contacted AutoDesk. It would have much more friendly to have a written note included with the software to inform users of such a major change- and why. Instead, I spent two days on the phone trying to find out what was going on. (I hope this comment finds its way to Autodesk.)

Shaan Hurley

This comment is in response to Sherian.
The directory in Program files where the support files used to be actually has documents named "where are my support files". Two days is actually quite sometime and there should be no reason for that long of a delay or the lack of support not knowing the simple answer.

I personally wrote a White Paper on Migration that was on the AutoCAD web site that Also explained the location of the support files.

Shaan Hurley (Autodesk)

Vladimir Michl

inside AutoCAD, you can have a quick pointer to these local folders using the ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX variable
for MNU and PGP files there are also the menu commands in: Tools - Customize - Edit custom files

Vladimir Michl, Xanadu, www.xanadu.cz

guillermo torres

brother please tech me a lot of tip and trick cad I am cad drafter I am in colombia S.A. thank you marry crismas


were can I find plot drivers for AutoDesk Architectural Desktop 2006?

John Duggan

all the icons and tool have disappered in Auto Cad 2002 and layers etc how do im make them appear again

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