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Feb 18, 2004


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josiah norton

How do you load up archdesktop seperate from autocad 2005. I am trying to figure out a way to start up just autocad 2005 with out loading all that extra stuff, but i still wanna be able to load up arch desktop. Can you help me?


i am using autocad 2005. when i try to work w/ microsoft access, autocad blow me out.

it gives me a fatal error: unhandled access violation reading 0x0000 exception at 7c0013bch.

how can i get this fixed to were i can have access or links to microsoft access.



Just wondering if anybody knows the answer to this problem. The new mirrtext command works both ways to mirror the text so that it maintains its direction and/or flips. However, i have yet to find a command or way to mirror a layer (such as zigzag) so that the object is actually mirrored. The line does not change with the mirrtext option and will not mirror along any axis.

Naum Lerner

It was so easy to create a new Layer in
previous versions of Autocad. I can't figure
out how to do it Autocad 2005 not having a
personal manual. Can you give me a hand?


pleas send me all about Acad 2005


cadlerden bırtane emaile gonderırsenız cok sevınırım

mark oliver

i want to practice drawing using autocad


how do i render images in autocad 2005 an get images like trees and cars just really basic things am stuck on lol plz help thanx



Use the LsNew command to place trees and cars in renderings.

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